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The Chinese New Year Event


On 02-17-24  CHC Members will gather for our Chinese New Year's events.  All the members can attend to celebrate this holiday.  Members will enjoy a Chinese Modern Dance, Folk Dance. Also we are encourage other groups to sign up for the events. We will have Ballroom Dancing though out the night.  

All members will have the opportunity to socialize with their friends.  We also will have catering from the Yorktown Grill.  Details for catering, music and dancing will be provided at a later date. 


Our Mission

Chinese Heritage Club (CHC) is a chartered club of Sun City Anthem. Its mission is to preserve and promote Chinese culture and heritage of five thousand years.

The founders of CHC.  Lizwu Wu, Kitty Zee and Pearl Wang.  All three founders were organized this club since 2009. Their hard work for CHC will always be a treasure for the members.

CHC sponsors regular group activities of Health Enhancement ( Tai Chi), Folk dance, Yuan Ji dance, Chinese Arts and Crafts, Modern Chinese dance and Literary Society.